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Founded in 2018, we serve individuals with disabilities in Southwest Georgia and North Florida.


Our Studio

Our beautiful, rural studio is centered on a small pecan farm in Ochlocknee, GA—just ten minutes from Thomasville, GA. 

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For Schools

Supplement your program for children with disabilities with special arts classes! We love creating a great experience for students and teachers—and our students' art even wins awards, creating a source of pride for children.

Industries & Business


We are honored to be featured by many wonderful local galleries over the years, from X in X to the new Covey Nest in downtown Thomasville, GA.

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Our Story


Founder Dixie Lee Hendrington Miller was X. In X, she was awarded the X by X in X in recognition of X. With her relocation to Southwest Georgia at her husband's retirement, Dixie renewed her passion for the arts with outreach to children and adults in rural Southwest Georgia and North Florida. Founded in X, today we provided services throughout the region, changing lives and inspiring joy.

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We believe every individual regardless of ability should experience the joy of art, which is a fundamental part of the human experience.


From Our Founder

"Since the beginning of time, the arts have been a fundamental part of the human experience. It's my belief that they should be accessible to every individual. It's this belief that drives a passion for people and for excellence. I was honored to be named the X by the X of X. For the past several years to bring that same level of excellence to children and adults with disabilities in rural Georgia is a true privilege. No matter who  you are, no matter where you live, you deserve to experience the joy of art. We are blessed with many supporters who believe with us and are changing lives through their giving. And we are  privileged to see lives changed every day through beautiful art."

- Dixie Lee Hendrington Miller


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We believe in dignity, ability, quality and joy.

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