Shining Star Club

The Shining Star Club is our way of welcoming and recognizing friends and supporters who commit to helping Friends & Stars, Inc. realize lofty goals and dreams. In keeping with our vision, the 2016 theme for our Shining Star Club Donor Club is: “Stars4Stars”.

stars 4 stars club

Why Are We Forming a Club?

When Friends & Stars, Inc. began, we had a dream of creating a place where “everyone is a star.” Recently we have established ourselves as a fully functioning Art Center with a focus on serving the “special needs” community. To continue and build our ability to serve, we need support from a broad base of donors. Joining the Shining Star Club is a meaningful way for you to be part of creating our caring community in support of the arts and disabilities. Over the year, our wall of Stars4Stars will grow and expand and we invite all who care to support us.

As a supporter:

• A star is created and placed on the Stars4Stars Wall at our Art Center;
• You become a member of our Shining Star Club;
• You are listed as a Shining Star Club member on our website; and
• You are invited to all art exhibits and performances.

Our Goals

During our 4-year history, when we have asked people for help, they have been generous beyond our wildest dreams. Thus, we decided to DREAM BIG and AIM HIGH. Our goal is to “sell” (by donation) 1,000 Stars! We have a big mountain to climb, and we invite you and your friends to join us as we reach for the stars.

How You Can Help Us

Buy a star ($25.00) and invite your friends and family to do the same. Purchase on-line, or visit our center for a tour and purchase your star in person.

The person that gave you the fundraiser card is a supporter of our program and they would like you to give to a cause they love.